"I have been on an accelerated path to awakening under Josephine’s guidance for over a year now. (I had been on that path for many years, but the pace was sluggish.) Josephine’s mysterious combination of direct instruction (from her seemingly bottomless wisdom from various traditions) and her encouragement for me to stay open to my own wisdom is exquisite. Anyone wanting and willing to experience a richer, deeper, more authentic life should meet Josephine Spilka."


"Josephine has been an ally and teacher since the very beginning of my journey with cancer in 2000. Her doctoring – herb, diet, acupuncture, and other prescriptions – has been enormously helpful. But there is something else … I feel present in the experience of the full range of my emotions. I feel calm because I am supported by an informed and expansive view of my situation. I feel encouraged and trusted to make the choices that feel right for me."


"I began working with Josephine to better understand my decades long meditation practice, and I'm incredibly grateful for the clarity she brought to it. She also brought a wholeness to my practice, what some people would describe as showing me a way towards a more embodied practice. This included Qi gong, essential oils and delicious food - all directed solely to my individual constitutional and nutritional needs - and all imbued with humor and good times."