Josephine Spilka

Your Health, Powered by Your Choice


No matter where you are starting with your health, choose to use your own unique Blueprint to take the next step toward your most vibrant life.


Without a Blueprint, your next move is unclear.

What is my body asking of me? How can I make the most of this moment? Which path to take next? These questions and many others arise when our health is challenged.

Without clear direction, you feel uncertain as to what will be powerful for you, and your health is at risk.


If you need a clear plan for your health,

let me provide your Blueprint.


With a customized Blueprint for your health, you will:

  • Feel relaxed immediately knowing how and when to take action to impact your health positively.

  • Feel secure with a detailed report outlining treatment recommendations, herbs, supplements, and lifestyle changes tailored for you in a clear and accessible timeline.

  • Feel energized by the creative force that activates your own healing power.


Let’s walk together.


What Can You Do Next?

Schedule a Blueprint For Change

The Blueprint For Change provides you with the individualized guidance you need to navigate your unique health situation. Together, we will discuss your health challenges, your current life situation, and your hopes and desires for achieving your most vibrant and creative life. From this conversation, you will receive a personalized report outlining a plan for your health.

Join a Change by Choice call

Let’s talk about how you can use the power of your choice to bring health to each and every moment! This is a chance to meet me, ask questions and learn about utilizing a very special blend of Chinese medicine and meditation practice for yourself.

Join me in a live call to explore how your choices impact your health and learn more about how you might begin to reclaim your power and knowing in service of your body, mind and spirit.

Next call is Tuesday, November 12, 2019 at 12:30 pm Eastern time.

Join from anywhere with any device.

Start Your Week Fresh!

Start your week with a note from me every Monday morning. Drawing on the moment and years of experience in healthcare and meditation practice, Monday Morning Notes are designed to give you refreshing new views and thoughtful insights about your health as well as practical tips for riding the waves of change that any life brings. I hope you’ll join me each week for whatever bubbles up to share…


This place is for you.

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