Josephine Spilka

The first thing you need to know about being here is

I am going to go slow.

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I am going to go at human speed, not machine speed.

Here, no matter what your health circumstances, no matter what diagnosis you have been given, you are held in a vessel that is quiet, clear, nourishing and strong.  No matter how messy, confused, sad or angry you might feel, your moment for growth, creation and even destruction is honored, given voice and space.


Here is body time, body truth, here,

I move like that.

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Since the beginning of my career in working with health,

I have chosen to work with those who some might say are dying. I say, we are living until we are not.  Our opportunity for growth, healing and contribution to our world does not end in this body until this body is no longer breathing. I am here to offer the vessel of change that allows you to do all that you wish to do before you die.


If you still have things to do,

this place is for you.

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