Josephine Spilka

blueprint for change

This is where we begin. We will comprehensively review your current health circumstances, review all that you've learned from a variety of healthcare practitioners, and most especially delve into what your life is calling for now. I'll outline your situation in energetic and practical terms using both Chinese medical diagnosis and Western medical perspectives. You'll put on the table all that you wish to change. I will make recommendations for treatments, prescriptions and lifestyle choices to facilitate the changes you wish to see, sharing them with you in a document and a recording that you can save and use for the days to come.

Every relationship begins with the Blueprint – $495 cost is applicable towards any retreat.


retreat: vessel for change

Retreat is the place where change on the deepest level becomes possible. When you receive the call from your body, a symptom, an observation or a diagnosis, the retreat vessel can be the one of the best places to integrate and process the call.  Tailored specifically to you, such a vessel offers strong support and stimulation for energy and insight, while providing quiet, comfortable space and gentle care. 

In one day, 5 days, or 18 days, you can allow yourself to come to a full stop, allow the everyday cares and responsibilities of your world to be put aside, and, instead, create a focus on your next steps, your choices and your questions with regard to your health and life.  Supported by in-depth evaluation and conversation, treatments, meals, movement and lifestyle innovations, each retreat is designed to meet you exactly where you are in all your unique and particular circumstances.


1-day retreat

In a day together, you get to dip yourself completely into the retreat environment.  You'll receive treatment, a meal and an afternoon workshop designed especially for you.  Like a quick shower, or a walk in a mountain stream, a day retreat can refresh your body and mind and prepare you to meet whatever is next with confidence and clarity.

5-day retreat

In 5 days together, we go deep into the lake of your being, connecting with your core and exploring your choices for your health and your life from the biggest view possible.  5 days allows you to really slow down, and discover your own knowing in an environment where you can completely relax.  You will be cared for with treatments, meals and workshops all created just for you.  You'll be invited to enjoy both the inner and outer space of your being, while being exclusively cared for with medicine made from words, acupuncture, meditation practice, essential oils, food and love. 

18-day retreat

18 days is a journey into the unknown together, on the river, through the jungle, into the forest.  We go together, exploring what is possible, finding new vistas, all the while supporting your exploration with ample rest, space, meals, treatment, and the kind of conversation that can only  happen in the space of extended retreat.  18 days allows a full cycle of reclamation or release, a process of bringing all that is asking to be acknowledged in the form of symptoms, diagnosis or emotional distress to a place where choices are infinite, transformation is inevitable and your own agency is clear.    The 18-day journey is a unique offering that allows the full power of your own presence to manifest through the profound, age-old container of retreat


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We begin with the Blueprint for Change. You'll start making changes right away after our two-hour meeting and followup recommendations.

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