Pleading My Case

“Conflict arises because we view Fate as an adversary… Whenever we are in any difficult situation, our tendency is to try to see what lies ahead, in order to protect ourself against possible harm. We do this because we distrust Fate—that events by themselves, without our interference, will show a way out of the difficulty and lead to our goals.”

                      Carol Anthony, Commentary on Hexagram 6 - from A Guide to the I Ching



Standing outside this morning on a rock,

damp sunlight, hot cocoa in hand,

I plead my case.

I stand before the trees,

the grass,

tall and shining in the sun,

before the ever-growing green,

arguing for a respite.


I wait.

I do not wait patiently.

I wait, baited,

anxious and hot-footed.


I wait and meanwhile,

there are birds,

sparkling leaves,

arms-wide glory in these trees.


I wait until

this struggle

this moment

this sunlight

is all there is.


My case rests.