Invest in Yourself NOT Your Stuff!


How do you spend your resources?  Especially this time of year, when everyone everywhere seems to be clamoring for your attention with all kinds of beguiling offers, this is a good thing to consider.  Sometimes it does make sense to buy stuff; new toaster, new computer, new shoes. Sometimes you need them. For sure. And sometimes, it makes sense to ask yourself what you can invest in that makes you stronger, deeper, clearer, more in yourself, more of yourself.  

To be clear, I don't mean the self that has an endless appetite for stuff.  Not the self (at least the one in my closet) who thinks I have nothing to wear even though I haven't changed a size in over 30 years.  Not THAT self. But I do mean the self who lives way beyond the stuff. The self who knows and treasures experience, wisdom. Stuff you can't buy.  

Your health is something you can’t buy.  Your health is not a thing, but more precisely it is an experience, one that includes body, mind and spirit.  What is health to you?  How do you know you are healthy?  No matter how much you spend on supplements, food or treatments of any kind, your health will always be something that you cannot purchase.  But you can experience health, you can know when you feel healthy. How does it feel?

You can buy lots of stuff today and pretty much every day these days.  But what if the stuff you buy today nourished the self who gains wisdom with every experience? What if you only buy stuff that supports your connection to your own wisdom, to your ability to care for others, know what is true for you?  What kind of stuff would that be?

I'd say for me, anyway, that stuff would be education.  I could never repay my teachers for all they have offered me over the course of my lifetime.  The value is inestimable. For real. The only real offering I can make is to follow their example, to take what I’ve learned and offer it to others.

Interested in increasing your resources, investing in your own wisdom? Check out mentoring with me.  There is no greater way to bring more value to your life than to invest in yourself and your own growth.

Josephine SpilkaComment