Inspiring Force


Inspiring Force is the translation for Qian Hexagram 1 of the Book of Changes, more commonly called the I Ching.  In keeping with my theme of change this year, beginning this week, I will profile a hexagram from the Book of Changes each week, using the themes and teachings found in each of the hexagrams to shape the post.  I’ve been waiting a long time to play with the hexagrams in this way and the moment has finally arrived! I hope you’ll enjoy it as I know I will.


Force is a tricky word, even a taboo one.  No one wants to have to use force. No one wants receive force.  Yet, force is exactly what it takes to move forward in certain situations.  Like Spring, for example. Force is required for any plant to re-emerge after the Winter.  It is no small feat for green to happen above ground. Warmth happens, loosening happens and then something happens.  We don’t think of it as force when we see it on the trees, but it is a creative force, some might say an inspiring force, the pure energy of growth that we witness as the world turns green around us.  

Lately, I’ve been thinking and talking a lot about power with, a form of relationship where you might think force would not appear.  The definitions of force include: “ active power” “cause of motion or change”.  In this way we can think about the force of nature, the force of sunlight, of water, of earth.  These are the forces that are always at play in our world. In Chinese medical language we call the forces at play yin and yang.  And now here at the advent of Spring, the yang energy, the force of growth is writ large. It is the ruling principle you could say of Spring, the energy of growth.  You can use this energy, this force, to energize your life.

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In power with relationships (what you might also call mentoring or coaching) the force of our choices creates movement, change and a sensation of active power or agency in your life.  Your health and the health of your world depends on you becoming an active agent in your world. Do you feel like an active agent in your world? Are you a force of nature on your own behalf? Want to learn more about how you can be?  

What, you might ask, does it look like to use the force of growth, of this yang energy in your life?  It can look all kinds of ways, but it is the energy of movement, of implementing ideas, taking action.  You can nurture and grow your ideas with words, music, dancing, with all kinds of movement. Still, it can be very important when you engage this kind of energy to be open to the scary parts, too, like being on a roller coaster, or in a car, plane or train that is moving fast.  You might feel that funny feeling in your belly, the sensation almost of seasickness, when the vehicle you are in (your body or your car or the airplane) is taking you places almost faster than you can bear.  This can happen. And if it does, drink more water, eat more green food, take more walks, spend less time on the daily news and more time on your biggest vision for yourself. Also you can call on some essential oils to vitalize and enhance your vision and energy such as Peppermint, Lavender or Yarrow.  Peppermint will open all your senses, bringing clarity and sharp focus. Lavender will relax your muscles and allow movement to happen. Yarrow will bring energy up and help you to pay attention to your intuition. Just smelling these powerful plant allies can be all that is needed to mobilize your energy and attention for yourself. You can learn more about using essential oils here at

I’m available for mentoring, visioning, I Ching readings and all kinds of creative exploration of the rising energy of these times.  Meet me here!


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