Josephine Spilka

I am devoted.

And, once again, I go slow. 

Because bodies move like mountains, like earth making rainclouds, like trees finding their way to the sky. Body time. I listen to the body, to the heart, to the way your body, my body, are speaking in each moment. Then we take that presence, that knowing and step into what the body invites, invokes, even demands.  

I am devoted to guiding you into your own power, to seeing you be in charge of all your choices with your body and your health. I am committed to creating the conditions where you can listen deeply, find flexibility, strength and knowing all your own.  Honoring your physical reality and abiding in your spiritual truth, you will find the clarity and energy for choice in every situation.

Retreat, The Vessel of Change, can open the way for you to do and be all that you wish to before you die. If you still have things to do, then this place is for you. 


I have come to this moment.

as both a willing and unwilling disciple of this body for over 55 years.  I haven't always chosen to go slow.  But, I have consistently chosen to work with those who some might say are dying, people who have received a cancer diagnosis, an AIDS diagnosis, an auto-immune diagnosis.  I am inspired by conditions of health that bring us to the place where we can begin to contemplate our purpose and the meaning of our lives.

I say, we are living until we are not.  Your opportunity for growth, healing and contribution to our world does not end until this body is no longer breathing.

 I practice medicine from the perspective of classical Chinese medicine and have done so for over 20 years, but I am most interested to find the medicine that is "true" for you.  Though I see things through "energetic" "elemental" eyes, I am excited to collaborate with all forms of medicine.  I trust that the best medicine is always the medicine YOU choose.


Let's meet here.

Here is a well-loved farm, land in the hills of the Blue Ridge mountains, populated with all forms of wildlife, quiet and far from the road.  Here is where you can power down, rest, re-set, review and begin to find new ways through your life.  Here is where we talk together, eat together, meditate together, walk together and develop the plan that includes all of you; all your wishes, all your dreams, all of your body.  Chinese medicine, Meditation practice, Modern Science - all are brought to the table here in service of your wholeness, your completeness.   Yes, let's meet here.